Intager 3.2 platform is online – upload it now

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Intager 3.2 platform is available – upgrade your system now!

Based on the customers’ feedback and on our development schedule we have accomplished and launched the Intager 3.2. platform!  While the upgraded and optimized firmware and software components raise the system onto a new level, the Beta tests of the new mobil application and cloud based games / services get the green light as well!

Enjoy the high performance of the upgraded Wifi and Bluetooth communication layers, play the new SWAT game!

Highlighted topics:

  • Optimized Wifi-, and Bluetooth communication
  • Simultaneous communication among several units: weapon – vest, headband, smartphone, accessories and Smartbox
  • IGM UI speed optimization
  • New functions and features in the Intager Game Manager
  • Visible current rank either on monochrome screens
  • New game – SWAT
  • Feedback & Information on colored screens changed to icons from text
  • Test version of new Player’s application and new games (public version available from 2022 Q1)

The new game is the SWAT. In this game teams contest each other with periodically changed weapons. Each weapon requires completely different game style, exactly as its name meaning: „Special Weapons and Tactics”. Find more details here

Please find the software upgrade in the IGM and get all the firmware components with it. The upgraded IGM contains the new firmware for all devices and you can update the firmware on your units whenever you wish, even offline. 

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