SWAT laser tag game

New game on the Intager 3.2 platform: SWAT

Special Weapons and Tactics. Sniper rifle, flamethrower, machine guns, as the title calls each requires completely different gaming style. In this new and interesting game the weapons periodically change which transforms the picture of the game in a blink of an eye. The hiding and seeking sharpshooters start to run holding a flamethrower in their hands or burst fire the enemies with automatic weapons.

Nowadays at the traditional laser tag it is more and more difficult to provide eventful and exciting games.  Everybody is looking for the new challenges and game experience.

How does the SWAT provide this? 

Imagine a laser tag field with 10-10 players fighting each other with assault guns in 2 different teams. They move from obstacles to obstacles while burst fire each otherBut suddenly all the guns are being to change to sniper rifles! 

The destiny of the players on open area has been immediately sealed wherever they are. The enemy shooters will shot them down in a matter of seconds and they have to go back to the HQ for revival. So the game changes into long distancedprecise shoots from behind obstacles. It turns out soon who is the best  sharpshooter to be able to hit the smallest target sticking out from behind the obstacleYou can hear the rifle’s shoots time to time until the weapons change again but this time to shotguns! 

The players suddenly start to rush like special force soldiers because the range of their weapons decreased dramatically. They hunt each other among bunkers and obstacles, hit each other from close range even multiple targets at the same time. Instead of the most accurate players, the best hiding hunter will become the most successful! 

The players get points for the successful hits, damages and eliminations, and might get minus points for friendly fire or respawn. It depends on the operator. The team with the most points win the game.

The four weapons are:  

Assault rifle: burst fire, low damage, medium range

Sniper rifle: slow speed, high damage, long range

Shotgun: slow speed, wide shot signal, high damage, short range

Flamethrower: continuous fire, wide shot signal, medium damage, short range  

What are the advantages of SWAT for the operators? 

SWAT is a particularly eventful and exciting game. The dynamics and the diversity with the wide range of the different situations generated by the changing weapons provide special  and unique game experience for the players. 

The completely different weapons require completely different strategy, so it is just impossible to master all the tactics which needs to win all battles. The players have to play the game multiple times to find the best obstacles, the best attacking-, a defensing routes and strategic points

The order of the weapons is variable in set up by the game organizer. The process – as it used to in all Intager games – user friendly. The operator can set up various duration of the different weapons with a simple pot-meter. At the end of a weapon’s active period all marker will simultaneously change to the next one.  

Basic game parameters, the weapon parameters, scores and rules are free to setup in this game type, as usual.

What are the next steps? 

We are monitoring the feedback on the Swat game and implement new game features, weapon types and game rules based on them.

In addition the beta tests of new games on the 3.2 platform have been started. Public versions will be available from 2022 Q1.
Further more we enrich our service palette with a new player application and cloud services.

Soldier with the 4 playable Intager laser tag markers at SWAT game

Upgrade your system to the 3.2 platfrom, play the new games and become the best weapon specialist! 

Intager: premium laser tag experience at a very reasonable price!