Intager laser tag marker kit and Intager SmartBox game console, software

Get your Intager SmartBox and a Raptor 2S 10-set kit together for a SPECIAL PRICE! Get your FREE quote now!

Raptor 2S laser tag Kit

Intager Raptor 2S laser tag kit

6490 EUR

Get 10 markers, 10 headsets, a multi-charger, a remote control, a programming adapter and the Intager Game Manager software for a package price!
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Intager SmartBASE

Intager smartbase laser tag additional device

429 EUR

A multifunctional and interactive laser tag additional device with 12 outstanding features
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Raptor 2S laser tag Marker

Intager Raptor 2S laser tag marker

390 EUR

The Intager Raptor 2S laser tag marker is optimal both for indoor and outdoor use due to its light weight shell, accurate optics and variable shooting range…
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Raptor 2S laser tag headset

Intager Raptor 2S laser tag headset

259 EUR

Light weight and durable shell with sunshine proof, 360 degree sensors. You can buy it with or without helmet…
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Intager SmartBox

Intager SmartBox laser tag arena manager tool

479 EUR

Control your entire indoor or outdoor arena with a single mobile device!
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Media Stream

Intager MediaBox laser tag accessory

Stream any of your media content on your devices via Google Chromecast.

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Medic Box

Intager MedicBox laser tag accessory

199 EUR

Let your players regain full health and ammo without any configuration procedure…
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Remote Control

Intager laser tag Remote Control

84 EUR

Players can’t turn the laser tag equipment on, off or “mess” with it. The control is literally in your hands.
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Multi Charger


140 EUR

Recharge 10 laser tag guns and 10 headsets from network with the Intager recharger box.
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Intager laser tag target

239 EUR

Let your players test their watchfulness, reaction time and shooting skills…
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Carrying Bag

Laser tag equipment Carrying Bag

110 EUR

5 guns fit in one bag. Room left for the accessories too, so you don’t have to take off the Red Dots or riflescopes – they will fit!
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Note: all prices are in EURO. VAT is not included!