Intager lasertag system with prompt delivery from stock!

Intager laser tag equipment prompt delivery from stock

Won’t miss your season, order your Intager lasertag system with prompt delivery from stock!

When people talked with each other during last year usually they speak about

"egész évben állt a piac”          

 „the market has been collapsed”, „we had zero income” or „we must fight for the survival of our business”.

Rarely thought about what will happen when the market will open, they can take a breath and finally be able to sell their products again. Never been such a situation, didn’t know what to count on when the mass ordering floods the weak market with lack of workforce.

Today, we experience that this change give really difficult challenges to the companies at the production and delivery business. The price of the raw materials and the delivery times have multiplied to three – four times while the production capacities – mainly because of the lack of workforce –  has been halved.

Anyone who was not prepared had been delivery difficulties at the season 2021.
Therefore we are very proud that in spite of all difficulties we managed to be prepared for the main season and we are able to deliver to our clients. The lasertag markers and accessaries will be posted even only one dy after the order & payment.

Don’t miss your season.

As we always tell: „Premium services for a very reasonable price.”