Update 3.3



  • Wifi communication – reorganized online and offline game stats.
  • Team colour – on the player card in the lobby, available for the autoteam.
  • New player card.
  • Significant improvements in the statistics module, based on customer feedback..
  • New memory status.
  • Audio upload status display.
  • Fix New Tab button.
  • Many functions become faster and even simpler in the control software (IGM) and at the devices.
  • Prepared for a very simple and convenient version of the control software (IGM), which is immediately clear for a new operator and supports the easy game control from a phone, tablet or computer.

New operator app

  • Easy NFC on/off with auto Smartbox connection.
  • We release 11 new factory games, which are ready for immediate launch and start from the app.
  • Team colour, volume and led settings.
  • Prepared for 3 different bombs, NFC on/off with variable parameters.
  • Arrange for multi language.

Firmware update

  • Arrangements for the new operator app (all new features and accessories)
  • Wifi communication – reorganized online and offline game stats, quick reconnection.
  • Enhanced hit feedback function and the most efficient full offline hit feedback version available.
  • Optimized general operation and resource management. We have prepared the entire system for the arrival of new accessories. 

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