Smartbox with the new Intager Operator App 2.0

Smartbox with the new Intager Operator App 2.0

We at Intager are constantly monitoring the needs of our customers to provide them the best possible gaming experience. A general feedback from several sources is that due to the frequently changing crew a simple control panel would be super important for summer camps, adventure parks and others. A solution for the prompt connection to the router without any marker detection and a new easy-to-use interface with most of the IGM options

We inform you that we have started working on this new project, based on your feedback: The Operator App 2.0!

What is Operator App 2.0?

A “Best Practice” option on the laser tag market. Our Smartbox is a combined Wi-Fi router and computer which runs the game engine together withthe easy-to-use control panel application.

Why is it a “Best Practice”

The operator enjoys all the advantages of the simple router system meanwhile excludes all its disadvantages. The Smartbox is an “intelligent router” which is not only responsible for the Wi-Fi communication but runs the game as an independent device.

Smartbox vs. Wi-Fi router:

  • The game engine runs on the Smartbox so

    • in order the operator close the app or switches off his phone or tablet (e.g., incoming call or battery issue),
    • the operator’s device is out of the Wi-Fi range or 
    • other operator enters the game with another device

the game and the statistics will operate flawlessly. Despite the normal Wi-Fi router when the game would be lost.

  • It is equipped with a built-in antenna that never gets stuck or breaks. Therefore, easy to use and deliver.
  • IIt has built-in battery which is sufficient for 10 hours of continuous use. The Smartbox is equipped with a USB plug, therefore it is easy to connect a simple 3,7V power bank to extend the operation time.

Operator App 2.0 as the new easy-to-use control panel

Intager Game Manager software has been available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones so far. We have decided to supply a new option to all our customers for free! This is the new Operator App 2.0.

Organizing and launching Intager laser tag games will become even easier with it. 

The app guides the operator through the entire game configuration in a transparent and easy way. 

  • both for Android and IoS (excluding NFC in IoS)
  • no detection, no pairing
  • game store
  • different weapon functions like assault rifle, sniper rifle, quad shotgun, flamethrower, etc.
  • Easy setup of all weapon types
  • up to 4 teams with auto team function
  • easy game start with 2 clicks and replay with only 1 click
  • optional “game config” with “next-next” driven UI
  • score system with optional configuration
  • live stats
  • different screen options send the live stats to any TV screen or others
  • live game control panel with online status of all players (statistics) and equipment (battery status, Wi-Fi status, etc.)
  • online command panel to send different packages (health, shield, ammo, etc.) or disqualify players or teams
  • saved game statistics by shots, score, hits, damage
  • share statistics by email in pdf or on social
  • multi-language
  • NFC options
  • general volume settings (adjust the volume on each weapon by 1 click)
  • general switch off: switch off all the devices by 1 click

The application gives you a simple interface that anyone can learn within 10 minutes including all functionalities mentioned above.

Operator App 2.0 supports your business and makes your life easy.


„Intager – premium laser tag for an affordable price”