How does a laser tag gun work

How does a laser tag gun work?


IR or laser beam, the most important communication channel.

The heart of all laser tag systems is the IR or laser beam, the most important information channel. The beam carries all the tags and hit information which are critical for the perfect game experience. The accurate and realistic gameplay relies on the tagger being able to provide precise data flow and hit registration in all circumstances. In order to create gamer satisfaction and long-term repeat business, shots fired, hits received, must be accurate and registered every time. This is the most important function your laser tag equipment needs to perform, consistently.

Therefore, the most important parts of any laser tag system are the shoot signal emitter and the receiver sensor. The emitter provides the proper and efficient shot which carries all required game information, the receiver registers and process this information.

No matter which kind of laser tag system do you choose, your business is the most important. Therefore it worth to pay attention to the important details and check this video.


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