The NEW level of laser tag games


Enhance your laser tag business with the Intager SmartBase. Provide the best game experience, like never before!

  • 1 Device – 12 features
  • Easy and fast to set up
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Pre-set factory games

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for your

Modular components in a robust military case

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An outstanding game experience

Create your world and let your players live it!

Place more Intager SmartBase on your playfield for your players’ increased game experience!

​Which player will discover one or more SmartBase’s? What features do they get? Who will find the most valuable feature? What are the opponents going to find in the meanwhile? Which SmartBase is worth fighting for?

Increase your revenue with the Intager SmartBase, the market leader in interactive laser tag devices!

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Exciting laser tag games

The games are pre-set on Intager SmartBase

And this is only the beginning. Get the new pre-sets and games.

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Robust, high value and reliable device that supports your business

We have built-in all the available technology for you and the players’ convenience and experience. The 4,3” screen, the Wi-Fi and other functions consume a lot of power, therefore we equipped the SmartBase with a 10.000 mAh battery that provides minimum 24 hours of operation.


Configure yourself or use the Intager pre-sets

Out of the box use the factory settings or the last configuration that you can reach anytime.

Choose 1 or combine more features and place several SmartBases in your arena. Now it is so easy to build your laser tag game worlds.

No idea how to build a game?

Never mind, we will help you with pre-set SmartBase configurations and with the complete games. So you can start a game in a very short time.


Don’t worry, even young players can use the functions easily!

Players can easily check what features are active in the SmartBase and they can collect, activate, or use them. For your convenience we inserted an information card into the cover, just to remind everybody how to use the device. You can easily replace it with your information card if you wish.


intager smart base laser tag additional device price in euro

Do you have any question about Intager SmartBASE?

What exactly is the Intager SmartBASE?

It is a multifunctional and interactive laser tag game additional device.

How can I turn on the Intager SmartBASE?

You can use our Remote Control to switch it on.

How is the Intager SmartBASE powered?

The SmartBase is powered with a 10.000mAh battery and operates at least 24 hours with one charge.

How can I charge the Intager SmartBASE?

We supply the charger, just plug it in.

Can I charge the Intager SmartBASE with power bank?


How can I create connection with the Intager SmartBASE by Wi-FI?

Scan the QR on the screen and you are connected or use the SSID name and the password showed also on the screen.

What is the factory mode?

The Factory mode includes the fundamental pre-sets by Intager.

What kind of computer or phone do I need to configure the Intager SmartBASE?

Any kind of a modern laptop, PC, cell phone or tablet with a Wi-Fi connection can be used to configure the SmartBase via the browser.

How many games can I play during a day?

As much as you want.

Can I modify the Factory settings?

Yes, in the Setup configuration option.

How can I start a game in the Intager SmartBASE?

Start your last game
Start a factory game
Start any game from SmartBox

What kind of Intager Raptor markers are compatible with the Intager SmartBASE?

The Raptor 2 series or up

How can I update my Intager SmartBASE?

With SmartBox via Wi-Fi connection

How can I start the Zombies vs. Humans or the TeamBase laser tag games?

Straight from the SmartBase or via SmartBox, as you wish.

How can I configure the features?

Via browser (smartphone, tablet, notebook…)
Via SmartBase with its own buttons
Via SmartBox (wireless)