Set Up The System Under 10 Minutes!

Take the laser tag guns, the headsets and switch them on. One minute and the players can start playing. Even if you create custom games on the spot and upload players’ names, you will not need more than 10 minutes to start a game.

Environmentally Friendly, Safe, No Need for Separate Grounds

Where, what kind of event and who can play? There aren’t many limitations!

Intager Raptor II laser tag equipment doesn’t hold any risk of contaminating the environment, and it’s safe. No need for protective gear, no need to suit up, it could be played in swimwear too. No need for separate grounds either. If needed/wanted, the available landmarks could easily be used on the field (trees, bushes, buildings…)

Easily Marketable

The Raptor II lasertag system is fun, innovative, perfectly safe, and doesn’t contaminate the environment. Besides, it’s a cost-effective entertainment, which is less troublesome and is preferred by event and corporate event organizers.

The lasertag equipment can be sold easily for corporate events, school camping, birthdays, and is popular amongst hotels and event organizers too.

Easy to Use

Store a custom configuration next to the factory setting on the laser guns. Install the laser tag equipment easily with a pre-set game on a field-work too.

The perfect union of the gun and the Intager Game Manager, and the easy access to countless options saves you a lot of trouble  – you can accept any challenge.