Raptor II Firmware Checker

IMPORTANT: if you already have Raptor II/2S markers then before ordering Intager SmartBox please download the Raptor II Firmware Checker Windows application and check the firmware version of your markers.

Raptor 2S markers are fully compatible with Intager SmartBox.

Raptor II markers are compatible only from firmware version 2.1 and above! If your firmware version is below 2.1 than your markers are not compatible with Intager SmartBox.

To check your firmware version:

  1. download the Raptor II Firmware checker to your PC (28 kb, Windows .exe program)
  2. connect your USB adapter to your PC
  3. switch on your markers and headsets
  4. run the RaptorII_firmware_checker_1_0_2.exe you downloaded previously.
  5. Click the buttons and the software lists your markers and headsets and also displays their firmware version.