Raptor 2S laser tag marker

Professional lasertag marker built both for indoor and outdoor

Parts of the marker

  1. Calibrated optics
    • accurate
    • 150+ meters in full sunshine
    • shooting range: 7 levels from 10m – 150m
  2. Secondary shot
    • grenade
    • medic
    • supporter
  3. Extra Rail
  4. Battery Charger
  5. Grenade Launcher
  6. Clip Loader
  7. Trigger
    • auto
    • semi-auto
  8. Battery
    • up to 20 hours of operation
  9. Shell
    • durable
    • reliable
    • light weight
  10. Screen
  11. Connectors (inside)
    • for red dot (continuous power)
    • for beams/lights (only at shooting)
  12. Sensor
    • 180 degree
    • sunshine proof
  13. Standard Rail

List price: 390 EUR
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The Intager Raptor 2S lasertag marker is probably your best choice! Due to our know-how and considerable experience in paintball, animation, kid programs, adventures, teambuilding and many others we were able to create the most optimal laser tag rifle for your enterprise. With its outstanding values and features Raptor2S lasertag marker provides brilliant game experience and facilitates operators’ life.


Buy the Intager Raptor 2S marker in a 10 set package!

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Intager laser tag marker kit and Intager SmartBox game console, software

Raptor 2S lasertag marker briefing

  • 150m shooting range in direct sunshine
  • 7 levels variable shooting range (from 10m to 150 m)
  • Hit feedback with sound signal
  • Every single marker is calibrated
  • Grenade launcher
  • Wireless
  • Optional sounds
  • Light weight, 1 kg!
  • Battery life up to 20 hours
  • Indoor and outdoor settings
  • Pre-set game configurations
  • Free software
  • Ergonomic and durable design


Uniquely on the market, Intager calibrates every single lasertag gun one-by-one. The result: perfect, reliable, accurate shooting, no successful but unregistered hit (which is typical problem with other lasertag rifles). The shooting range of the Raptor 2S lasertag marker is up to 150+ meters in full sunshine!


  • shooting range: 7 levels from 10 meters to 150+ meters
  • damage: variable damage of a hit
  • friendly fire: on/off
  • shot speed: auto/semi-auto
  • ammo: variable number of ammo in a clip
  • clips: variable number of clips
  • voice signal for empty clip
  • loading time of a new clip: variable load time of a new clip – sound effect indicates the fact of the clip change, meanwhile the player cannot shoot
  • optional sounds


Use the pre-set factory games, or create your own roles!
It has never been so easy to create different roles, e.g. Soldier or Sniper:


  • shooting range: max. 80 meters
  • damage: 1
  • shot speed: auto
  • ammo: 30/clip
  • number of clips: 6
  • clip load time: 2 seconds
  • sound: normal


  • shooting range: 150+ meters
  • damage: 2
  • shot speed: semi-auto, 1 shot/2 sec
  • ammo: 6/clip
  • number of clips: 4
  • clip load time: 4 seconds
  • sound: extreme

Secondary shot

Secondary shot features grenade launcher, medic and supporter functions. We deliver more unique features:

  • range up to 30 meters
  • optional functions – grenade/medic/supporter
  • effects: variable damage of a hit/extra health points or full respawn/extra clips
  • friendly fire: on/off
  • shots: variable number of shots
  • voice signal if no more shot
  • loading time of a shot: variable load time – sound effect indicates the fact of loading a secondary shot, meanwhile the player cannot shoot
  • optional sounds

Grenade Launcher

Use the pre-set factory games, or create your own roles! E.g.


  • Number of shots: 5
  • Effect: 3 (damage)
  • Friendly fire: on
  • Sound: normal
  • Load time: 4 sec


  • Number of shots: 10
  • Effect: full respawn
  • Friendly fire: off
  • Sound: children
  • Load time: 2 sec


  • Number of shots: 10
  • Effect: 5 (give 5 clips)
  • Friendly fire: off
  • Sound: extreme
  • Load time: 2 sec

180 degree sensor, flash light

Sensors on the laser marker mean you can’t hide in a safe shelter and simply shoot around, because the gun can take a hit as well. The  yellow LED flashes during the shots.


Battery and charging

Li-ion Polymer battery in order to provide you even 20 hours of operation with one charge. Simply charge the battery through the DC connector. That’s all J
Let us make your life even more easier and charge 10 markers + 10 headsets with Intager charging box.



Ergonomic, durable, light, attractive. We put high consideration into the marker’s light weight, easy handling, safety and durability. Based on our feedbacks it is an absolute hit!

Safe rubber protection – do not hazard injuries with sharp edges!

Even more extras like: 2 rails for your riflescope, red dot or other accessories, waterproof speakers etc.