Raptor 2S Kit

Full system, no hidden cost, no surprise


  1. 10 x laser tag guns
    + 2000mAh Li-ion polymer battery
  2. 10-set charger
  3. remote control
  4. SmartBox
  5. 10 x headsets
    + 1000mAh Li-ion polymer battery

+ 1 year warranty

Optional (not included in the laser tag kit):

  1. laser tag helmet
  2. carrying bag

List price: 6 490 EUR
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Raptor 2S 10-set laser tag kit

Due to our know-how and considerable experience in paintball, animation, kid programs, adventures, team-building and many other indoor and outdoor activities we were able to create the most optimal laser tag marker for your enterprise. In the Raptor 2S 10-set laser tag kit you will get not only 10 of these masterpiece laser tag guns and headsets, but also all the accessories that you will need to run your laser tag business.

Learn more about the Raptor 2S lasertag marker and the headset:


Intager laser tag marker kit and Intager SmartBox game console, software

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Intager Worldwide

The Intager Raptor Lasertag System is used in 18 countries by hundreds of thousands of players. We are happy to share with you some of our clients’ videos from all over the world, which shows the versatility, flexibility and adaptability of our laser tag system.

Proven track record of success

The Intager Raptor laser tag System has been highly favored by both the operators and the players since it’s very first debut in 2008. The main reasons behind its popularity are the quick return on investment, the durability and reliability of the equipment, as well as the outstanding game experience. Have a look at how paintball players evaluated the Raptor I laser tag system, and also check the Raptor 2 short introduction from 2012!