Raptor 2S laser tag headset

No cables, 360 degree sensors

Parts of the headset

  1. Battery
    • up to 20 hours of operation
  2. Battery charger
    • easy charging with Intager multicharger
  3. Shell
    • durable
    • reliable
    • light weight
  4. Multicolor LEDs (from Raptor 2 SE version)
  5. Sensors
    • 360 degree
    • sunshine proof

Optional (not included in the price):

  1. Helmet

List price: 259 EUR
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We are aware that how inconvenient is a gear with cables. Cables are not only disturbing but the main sources of faulty operation, therefore Intager assumed the extra costs of the development and manufacturing to support your business.  Of course the R2S laser tag headset has more professional features.


Thanks to the uniquely calibrated optics and the specially made headset electronics the system operation is flawless.

The sensors take the hits from 360°. In the case of a successful hit the red LED lights flash on the headset, and the marker plays the sound effect of the hit.
The LEDs and the sensors are protected by an extra strong case!

With other laser tag systems, you can face numerous unpleasant things while playing, e.g. only one hit from two consecutive shots or the sun shines too brightly and the tools don’t work properly. This could ruin the game. But using Intager’s Raptor 2S laser tag system, it’s not the case!


Battery and charging

The power-supply of the laser tag headset ensured by Li-ion Polymer accumulators. The running time of the R2S laser tag headset can be up to 20 hours.

Charging is greatly simplified through the DC plug on the headset.
The Intager charging box makes it easier.

Charge up to 10 guns and 10 headsets with one box.


No Cables

The headset holds the radio communication with the gun. No annoying cables! No daily repairs necessary, no cut or damaged cables! The headset signals the hit to the rifle immediately – the gun then gives a sound and lowers the health points.