Intager MultiBox

A multifunctional input-output device

The Intager MultiBox:

  • can shoot/hit players (increase / decrease health or ammo)
  • players can shoot/hit it, too (to receive points, conquer a team base etc.)
  • can control player inputs from touch enabled devices
  • display event-triggered multimedia content on monitors and audio players, but it’s fully functional without monitors, as well

Note: the Intager MultiBox is an optional element of the SmartBox system, it can’t be used without a SmartBox and a MediaBox.


You can use the Intager MultiBox as

  • team base
  • flag in the ‘Capture The Flag’ games
  • medic
  • supporter
  • target
  • grenade
  • trap
  • gate
  • etc.

…and it also provides interactive features on touchscreens, for example

  • role upgrade
  • shield
  • block other players
  • lucky package
  • etc.

The possibilities are countless!


The Intager MultiBox

  • can operate with 100-240V or with battery ─ as you wish
  • can operate wireless or cabled, according to your preference

Coming soon

The Intager MultiBox and MediaBox are scheduled to be on the market at the beginning of 2018. Until our new and exciting product line is broadly available, we will be happy to give you more information on the products in the form of intro videos, tips and tricks, detailed feature specification, business hints etc. Keep an eye on us, as more content is coming soon!