Intager MultiBox laser tag accessory

Intager MultiBox

The Intager MultiBox is a multifunctional input-output device for laser tag games. It can play multimedia synchronized with game events, and also interact with the players, even shoot them...
Intager MediaBox laser tag accessory

Media Stream

Use the Intager MediaBox to display laser tag game statistics and event-driven multimedia content on your monitors, or handle player inputs from touch-enabled devices.
Intager Target laser tag accessory


The Intager laser tag target features programmable flash timing, shot response (via 4 coloured leds), firmware upgrade via USB, downloadable statistics, 2 modes: NORMAL and FACTORY 2 different types: with BATTERY or from HOUSEHOLD POWER and more...
Intager Medic Box laser tag accessory

Intager Medic Box

The Intager Medic Box lets the players respawn themselves (regain full health or ammo) without any configuration procedure. Intager Medic Box operates offline, so you don't necessarily need to have Wi-Fi, 4G or other network.