We transform digital games into real

We are proud to present the world’s first laser tag game that successfully transforms today’s most popular Battle Royale computer games into a live-action laser combat game.

Intager laser tag – PLAY popular computer games like Fortnite or other Battle Royal type games in real life. Intager Ltd. as a lasertag developer and manufacturer is the first to offer such opportunity for laser tag operators and their players. The Beta tests have already been successfully launched, the public version expected in the second quarter of 2022.

How do you edit and play these games? How do you get a “legendary sniper rifle” deploy bombs, decode & using augmented reality (AR), fight against 3D opponents, or use artificial intelligence (like a heat-tracking missile)?

Whether you are a player or a laser tag operator, check the video below, stay tuned and follow us at the chanels bellow:


„Intager – premium laser tag for an affordable price”