Intager SmartBox

Revolution in the Lasertag World

With the Intager SmartBox you can control your entire indoor or outdoor arena:

  • markers (Raptor 2, Raptor 2S or Raptor 3)
  • devices: desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones
  • Intager MultiBoxes
  • Intager MediaBoxes

Easy to use

Don’t bother with difficult settings and miles of cables, just switch it on and let it connect you to all your devices.



The Intager SmartBox

  • can operate with 100-240V or with battery ─ as you need
  • can be used with any device: computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones
  • can communicate wireless or cabled (Ethernet)
  • can create its own local wifi network for you, for the devices and the players, and it can also connect to the Internet through the local wifi network


The Intager Game Manager is an intuitive software with endless opportunities. With IGM you can easily manage your games, players, equipment, game objects, contents on your displays or other multimedia devices.


Online Updates

The software of the SmartBox is updated frequently. With a few clicks you can get access to exciting new games and new multimedia contents – videos, images, sound effect etc. – on a regular basis.



Your players can also connect the SmartBox. On your devices or straight on their smartphones it provides statistics and interactive features during the game e.g. shields, role upgrades, blocking the enemy etc.

Coming soon

The Intager SmartBox, MultiBox and MediaBox are scheduled to be on the market at the beginning of 2018. Until our new and exciting product line is broadly available, we will be happy to give you more information on the products in the form of intro videos, tips and tricks, detailed feature specification, business hints etc. Keep an eye on us, as more content is coming soon!